Simone Biles (Photo: Dylan Coulter)
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Simone Biles (Photo: Dylan Coulter)

The Guardian


In 2019 Emma Brockes interviewed Simone Biles about what it is like to be 21 and at the top of her game, the pressures of being the best in the world and just how Biles knows where she is when she's airborne. At times, she seemed younger than her years, a product of the almost religiously sheltered upbringing of the professional child athlete. At others, she sounded like a 45-year-old woman who should be running for political office. Biles swept the board at the 2018 World Gymnastics Championships in Doha and has had two moves named after her ("The Biles") - one of which, on the vault, is described by the International Gymnastics Federation as a "round off flic-flac with  1/2  turn (180deg.) on stretched salto fwd with 2/1 turn (720deg.) Issue 16/03/2019.


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