It wasnt all bad (Artwork: Guardian News and Media)
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It wasnt all bad (Artwork: Guardian News and Media)

The Guardian


So long, 2016: The year of the political earthquake. How did all of this happen? Following David Bowie’s death in January, and Britain’s vote to leave in June, the actor Paul Bettany tweeted one suggestion: “In January I dismissed my mate’s theory that David Bowie was the glue holding the universe together but I don’t know man... I don’t know.” After so many shockwaves and dramas, it was tempting to view the year as a freak surge of ahistorical exceptionalism, analogous to nothing and a law unto itself. History will see it differently. Just as the legacy of the great crash of 1929 took several years to manifest itself, so the consequences of the financial crash of 2008 are only now becoming clear. There was nothing magical or inexplicable about 2016. We were merely reminded of what happens when most of us do not have enough money, and a few of us have much too much. Issue 24/12/2016.


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