Greta Thunberg (Interview: Simon Hattenstone/Photo: Marcus Ohlsson)
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Greta Thunberg (Interview: Simon Hattenstone/Photo: Marcus Ohlsson)

The Guardian


For the first ever cover of the new Saturday Magazine, Greta Thunberg made the ultimate sacrifice for The Guardian. She allowed us to turn her into a human oil spillage. The treacly black stuff was dripping from her hair, down her nose, past her cheeks on to her neck and shoulders. After telling Simon Hattenstone the paint “was very difficult to get off” he suggested that she sue the Guardian. “Yes,” she says without smiling. Reflecting on the interview, Simon Hattenstone  “found Greta  incredibly moving. The start of our conversation was a bit unrelaxed, monosyllabic. But then she started to talk about how her world had opened up since becoming an activist and how she had made friends of her own age for the first time in my life. It gave me hope that my daughter Maya, who is also autistic, may one day find friends through a common purpose.” Issue 25/09/2021.


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