The Art of Activism

About The Art of Activism

The Art of Activism is a multi-artist exhibition and fundraiser for Friends of the Earth, in partnership with The Guardian, which takes inspiration from the whimsical, darkly humorous placards that people create for demonstrations.

The team at theprintspace Gallery invited artists to submit artworks that make clear their passion for curbing the irreversible damage being done to our planet. They were inundated by entries from the creative community, with artworks put forward from emerging artists, through to pre-eminent activists like Katharine Hamnett and Turner Prize-winning artists such as Jeremy Deller. Even Greta Thunberg donated her now famous 'School strike for climate' placard to the exhibition and The Guardian Print Shop.

A limited edition, organic cotton tote bag was also designed by Katharine Hamnett to support the campaign with more than half of the profits going to Friends of the Earth.

Artworks will be printed on fully-sustainable bamboo paper and exhibited at theprintspace Gallery from Thursday 19th September - Monday 14th October, as part of a month of climate focused talks and events in September.  All of which are free to attend. In addition, artworks will be available for sale as fine art prints via The Guardian for one month, profits will be donated to Friends of the Earth to support their campaigning work in areas such as fighting climate breakdown, doubling tree cover and stopping fracking.